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Gazebo installation

Here to help with all aspects of your pergola

Installing a veranda to your garden is a big commitment, and we want to make sure all questions or queries can be addressed before you buy. With our gazebo installation, you can be sure of a quality build, quality manufacture, and quality service throughout. All Deponti aluminium pergolas are manufactured in the Netherlands, and shipped over to the UK in modular components, ready to be assembled to their exacting standards.

If you have any queries that are unanswered by the content below get in touch with us directly to have a discussion: 07864 197257.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Deponti partner?

Yes, we are one of only a few Deponti accredited installers in the country. We serve customers across the Midlands, helping to install high quality aluminium gazebos, which will enhance homes and gardens across the region.

Do you only do domestic installations?

Yes, we currently only serve domestic clients. While such installations can work as smoking shelters for pubs and restaurants, we do not currently fit commercial installations…

Does an aluminium veranda require maintenance?

Our gazebo installations do require occasional cleaning with a brush and soapy water. We recommend not to jet wash the structure however.

How much will a pergola cost?

This is dependent on a variety of factors and we will provide you a direct quote. The least expensive installations are under £3000, and you can spend up ten times as much on a large, high specification pergola.

Is a pergola weather proof?

Our pergolas do not have sides, so without the glass wall and door installation they are open to elements. The roof is water tight however.

What kind of activities can I do in my garden with the help of a pergola?

Our gazebo installations give you garden usage 365 days a year. You can have meals outside, use the pergola as a second dining room or even a gym, or simply use the space to relax and read while sunbathing or enjoying the ambiance of the garden.