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Are you looking to create a beautiful outdoor space that you can use all year round? Do you love the garden but are not so keen on the weather? Property Perfection Warwickshire is here to help. We are specialists in assembling aluminium pergolas for homes and gardens across the Midlands, giving people the chance to enjoy their gardens with sophistication and style. From family gatherings to cosy evenings under the stars, our verandas are perfect for any occasion.

Get started on making your garden a haven at every time of the year. Book a free site visit for a no-obligation quote.

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Deponti Verdeca Louvered Roof


Installing a pergola is easy

We install quality Deponti verandas and pergolas across the Midlands, for all style homes. Once you order your aluminium pergola, we will arrange for the component parts to be delivered to your property, and will assemble them on site on the same day, and then usually complete the installation on the second day, depending on the size and specifications.

Call 07864 197257 to book an appointment to visit the Deponti showroom or place an order with us directly.

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Our Products

Deponti Giallo Aluminium Veranda


Aluminium Verandas

The framework for your pergola begins with your veranda, and we have a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes to choose from.

Aluminium Verandas


Glass Sliding Doors

There are so many configurations to consider with our glass sliding doors, with each one slotting seamlessly into the design.

Glass Sliding Doors


Deponti Pinela Deluxe Glass Sliding Doors

Deponti Louvered Roof


Louvered Roofs

This roof design allows you to control sunlight levels and ventilation progressively, and helping to regulate the climate of the veranda.

Louvered Roofs



Folding Roofs

A folding roof enables full exposure to the elements on beautiful days, and gives a strong, water repellent roof on not-so-beautiful days.

Folding Roofs


Deponti Folding Roof





Consultation, Design, Installation – a Hassle-free Process

Expert consultation:

We will have a look round your property, and see which design suits your home best. We can also visit the Deponti showroom in person and see the wide range of gazebo designs in situ, and help you select the aluminium pergola that you find most suitable.

Custom design:

Every garden is unique, and in theory every pergola is unique too. There are so many design configurations, colours, sizes, and add-ons to choose from, including glass sliding doors and louvered roofs, that every pergola installation is different.

Professional installation:

Once you have decided on the pergola that you want, we will arrange a date for it to be delivered and complete the installation process as quickly as possible. It usually takes one or two days to complete, and will be sure to enhance the beauty of your property.





Our promise to you

We are one of the only Deponti installers in the Midlands. As trusted specialists for installing aluminium pergolas, we give you assurance of a professional standard of fitting, quality workmanship, and a veranda that enhances the beauty of your property and enriches your life for years to come. You can also visit the Deponti showroom (by appointment only) by contacting us directly.

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Where We Cover

We serve across the Midlands for aluminium pergola installation. This includes Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Northampton, Oxford, Gloucester, Stoke, Derby, and Nottingham.